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The 1-Hand-Tray
keep food and drinks safe and stable with one hand and easily eat while standing

SnackTab® 1-Hand-Tray

Ergonomically shaped. Secure hold for the SnackTab dishes thanks to precisely fitting cutouts. Suitable for right and left handers.

Extremely light: the low weight is only approx. 40 g.
The SnackTab1 hand tray is made from stable and ecological honeycomb cardboard.

Expected to be available from the end of November 2020.

Avoid plastic waste
According to estimates, at least 150 million tons of plastic waste that was previously produced from crude oil in an energy-intensive manner are now floating in the oceans.

With our 100% biodegradable products made from renewable raw materials, we are actively committed to protecting the environment.

The food-safe snack bowls are made from sugar cane fibers *.

In addition, cutlery made of compostable bioplastics and cardboard drinking cups from sustainable forestry are available.

The SnackTab gastro system is 100% compostable and can be disposed of together with leftover food in the organic waste bin.

Visitors to events with several restaurants can of course also use their 1-hand tray multiple times and thus save additional resources.

The SnackTab® 1-hand tray is not coated to make it optimally recyclable.
Therefore, the water resistance is limited.

* The sugar cane fibers are a by-product of sugar production. So no additional land is used for the cultivation of raw materials.
In the case of stationary catering establishments and events, this can only be adhered to by filling tables with a comparatively small number of people and taking additional protective measures, e.g. B. in the form of partitions are given.

This greatly restricts the number of people who can be safely served and thus also has a negative effect on the sales that can be achieved.

Here the SnackTab 1-hand tray offers the solution for problem-free and safe consumption of food and drinks while maintaining the required safety distance.

Existing seats at tables can e.g. B. reserved for families with children or the elderly.

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